About ITS

The Institute
for Taiwanese Studies was founded on July 26, 2003. It is an independent, non-profit organization focusing on studies related to Taiwan's past and future developments. A comprehensive think tank, its major areas of studies are: military and national defense; finance and economics; culture, history and education; science and technology; and politics and society. ITS encourages non-conventional approaches and values creativity and innovation. The research results of ITS researchers, who participate on a volunteer basis, are to be published in Taiwanese and/or English. The purpose of such publications is to inform and educate the public. ITS strives to establish itself as a think tank taken seriously in the United States as well as in Taiwan.



  Board of Trustees:

Wencheng Lin 林文政 (Chairman)

Key Wu 吳添財

Shin Ta Liu 劉信達

Frank Shih Chou 周實

Adolf Huang 黃俊炯

Peter Su 蘇國雄

Ken Wang 王克雄


President: Adolf Huang 黃俊炯

Treasurer: Frank Shih Chou 周實

  Research Fellows:



Key Wu 吳添財

Shin Ta Liu, Ph.D. 劉信達

Frank Shih Chou, Ph.D. 周實

Adolf Huang 黃俊炯

Jei-Hsuan Huang Ph.D. 黃介玄

Chun-Yung Lin 林純容

Chiu-sen Wang Ph. D. 玉秋森

Wencheng Lin 林文政

Jay Tsu-Yi Loo 盧主義

Peter Su, Ph.D. 蘇國雄

Ken Wang, Ph.D. 王克雄

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