The Institute for Taiwanese Studies (ITS) is a Taiwanese American think tank established in the United States. The Institute's researchers, working on a voluntary basis, engage in studies related to Taiwan's past and future developments.  Their research findings will be made public as research reports or commentaries.


The Institute for Taiwanese Studies (ITS) hosted a roundtable, featuring Dr. Ing-Wen Tsai (third from right, front row) in Los Angeles on January 16, 2006.  Currently, Dr. Tsai is the President of Taiwan and the Chairperson of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP, Taiwan).  ITS Chairman Wencheng Lin (first from left. front row), ITS President Adolf Huang (standing behind Dr. Tsai) and the scholars from USC, UCLA, UCI, Rand Corp., ITS and other invited guests attended the session.
Hot Issues

In an interview with Wall Street Journal, President Tsai said “Taiwan won’t succumb to China’s Pressure”

On Oct. 4, 2016, Charles Hutzler, Wall Street Journal, interviewed President Tsai In-wen at Presidential Building in Taipei.   Hutzler sat down with Tsai to discuss Tsai’s first four months in office.  In a long interview, Hutzler asked 16 questions.  President Tsai responded with long answers in most cases.   The topics covered Tsai’s inaugural speech, what you plan to say in Double Ten address, resist the pressure from China, how are you going to balance the present reliance on China, with long term plans to revitalize the economy ?  multilateral trade agreements and free trade agreements with other countries?  How to enhance Taiwan’s participation in international organizations? was the International Civil Aviation Organization meeting a setback for Taiwan? US-Taiwan relationship? on the South China Sea related issues, would you like to meet President Xi? China’s rule in Hong Kong, should China stop using the “one country, two system” formula when it comes to talking about a resolution to relations with Taiwan? How are the two sides communicating? love of cats and dogs.  The hot topic is Taiwan-China relationship.  Tsai said “it has been a longstanding practice of China to set political preconditions before any meaningful dialogue can be held. I think this is obstructive to the development of our relationship.  I also hope that mainland China does not misinterpret or misjudge the current situation, or think that Taiwanese will bow to such pressure.  In a democratic society, this kind of pressure is felt by all.  No administration in Taiwan can make a decision that runs counter to public opinion”.  President Tsai vowed to honor her pledge to main the “status quo”, saying “we are committed to maintaining the cross-strait status quo. The pledges we have made in the past remain unchanged. Our goodwill is unchanged.  But we will not succumb to pressure from China. We don’t want to, we are not willing to and we won’t revert to the old path of conflict and confrontation”.  (The complete transcript is posted in News & Events)




























Posted: October 10, 2016
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